My Twitter Strategy

Lately I have found myself using Twitter as my primary social network primarily because Facebook has transformed into a recipe exchange site.   I admittedly struggled with Twitter when I first started using it.   Starting off with it I only followed a few people, it was more of a novelty.  I was able keep […]

Email into Evernote

I am a huge fan of Evernote. I have written a few posts about its usefulness and a can (and probably will go on for a few more posts) talk about how it has improved my productivity. It has enabled me to keep organized no matter my location. Evernote can be overwhelming when you start […]

Twitter isn’t noisy if you use lists

Do you find that Twitter is noisy?   Most of the time it seems to be a much of yelling in an room (a really big room) with many people just talking to themselves without caring if people are listening.   If you only follow a few people (like me @jeffstory) you can probably read […]

What are you doing today?

Precious the pug wants to know what you are doing today. #pug Do you want to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog? Get a discount on BlueHost web hosting. Recommended by bloggers that take hosting seriously. Learn more ….

Happy 4th of July – fireworks photography

2013 Mustang Fireworks – “Yellow”, a photo by jeffsstory on Flickr. Nothing more fun than fireworks on the 4th of July (or even sometimes in the days building up to the 4th). If you are looking to take some pictures this year instead of lighting them off, I have a few tips. Get a tripod.. […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Precious the Pug, a photo by jeffsstory on Flickr. Precious is the newest fuzzy companion to our family. I am really happy with this picture because I have found it difficult to get the lighting right to be able to capture an image where you can clearly see both of her eyes. With a little […]

Blue Heron at Crab Orchard Lake

Blue Heron at Crab Orchard Lake, a photo by jeffsstory on Flickr. Animals (or beasts as I call them) make wonderful subjects for pictures. I found this Blue Heron while taking pictures at Crab Orchard Lake over Fathers Day weekend. He was nice enough to stay still for a few moments until he flew off […]

Evernote Import Folders Greatness

Evernote is one of the best productivity tools out there today and you can fine multiple sites that proclaim its greatness.  You can think of it as your digital filing cabinet that is in the cloud and accessible through  your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.     No matter where you are you have access to it. I […]

Roles in the big picture – inspired by World War Z

So many times we overlook the “role players” when we look at teams and teamwork because much of the focus is on the team leaders.     I pondered this thought while driving back home after watching World War Z.  First, I have to say it was a good movie (especially for a zombie movie) […]

Is IIS giving up your private IP address?

Hackers love information about your network.  If you are not using Host Headers on your IIS website then IIS could be returning the IP address of the machine in the TCP header of the response.   In single server situations where the server is in a DMZ of a firewall, the machine is most likely using […]